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In the 2012 budget speech mentioned was made that SARS is going to lodge a target drive on South Africans earning foreign income. SARS has since implemented a 5 Year Compliance Drive with specific reference to our Expats. A specialised Expatriate Unit has recently been established at SARS and this move serves as an indicator of how serious SARS is to ensure that our expats conform with their individual tax responsibilities.

Capitax empowers you with information, advice and specialised skills and knowledge to enable you to make informed decisions. Capitax ensures that you, as the South African resident, enjoy ALL the tax benefits that you are entitled to in terms of the Income Tax Act varying from exemptions, double taxation agreements, arrangements between countries, foreign taxes paid by you to foreign governments including withholding taxes taken from your foreign earnings.

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Capitax herewith furnishes you, as a South African citizen working outside the country borders, with details regarding the changes affecting you directly, implemented by SARS with immediate effect.

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Capitax provides Employers (with employees working in foreign countries) with information pertaining to the immediate changes implemented by SARS which have an enormous impact on companies Employees Tax Reconciliation for 2012 which is due end of April 2012.

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